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Single Block Appliqué

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Great needles for Hand Appliqué!

We now have our own brand of wonderful needles for hand appliqué - fine thin needles with large eyes for easy threading. Our needles are Betweens (the short needles that are also recommended for hand quilting) and come in just two sizes: 10 and 11. We love these short, rigid needles for the control they give us when stitching, and the small stitches they help us achieve. Please specify either size 10 or 11 when ordering (The 11's are smaller than the 10's). Needles are packaged fourteen to a tube.


 #001 Skinny Stems & Tiny Circles Ruler

No more struggling to achieve narrow stems in hand applique. This handy tool makes it easy! Follow the simple instructions, and sew stems that are smooth, flat, and -of course- SKINNY


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